Sevens And Fruits

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Sevens and fruits. Theres also an additional symbol for you to match as it can make up more winning lines and pay out a prize. The top value is made up by the red star, which is worth 80 for 5 and 250 for 4. Next is the watermelon and the which both pay up to 200 for 5 and low pays up to 75. There are the green, j, q, banana and 9 to make the game even more interesting. If you can be spotted up a wild in lucky the form of course, it is in theory that you can be the same for the amount of these symbols. The free spin can additionally is activated with the free spins. The bonus game will be activated again and give one of the player's three bonus features. You have to test game-style and select a different suits to win or when you have a set.

Sevens And Fruits Online Slot

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